Wisdom for Women

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This book was written for a young woman named Margie who was one of my best friends. Margie came by to visit often, and we talked about our families, friends, business, tennis, and how to get along in the world. When Margie had a problem, I often found I’d faced something similar myself – and had learned a lesson which was useful to her.

One day, feeling very ambitious, I decided to put together a book for Margie made up of my life lessons. As I was preparing the book, I asked many women I respect to share their thoughts, and some of those are in the book as well.

That little book for Margie has become the one you’re reading right now. It’s full of big and small life lessons. Some were learned with joy and some with much pain. Some were easy to accept and some quite difficult. But all have added a measure of pleasure, success, and ease to my life and the lives of other women. My hope is that you will find these lessons of value.