Recipes for Everyday Abundance

Cindy Cashman's Recipes for Everyday Abundance cover

Cindy Cashman’s latest book is presented in a “cookbook” format for feeding your soul. Recipes for peace, love, relationships, communications and confidence are interspersed with light-hearted one-liners, providing a unique and simple way to be reminded of the values in life that keep us happy.

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Million Dollar Question Handbook

Cindy Cashman Million Dollar Question Handbook cover

Can asking one question make you a millionaire like it did for Cindy? Read the book to find out her million dollar question and discover many more questions that can change your life!

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The Answer

cover for The Answer by Cindy Cashman

In this book you will learn and practice using simple steps to achieve the life you have always wanted – whether it is a new car, the perfect relationship, or your dream house, the first steps to your journey are mapped out inside.

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Everything Men Know About Women

Cover for Everything Men Know About Women by Dr. Alan Francis and Cindy Cashman

The 25th Anniversary Edition of the world’s most famous blank book (written under the pseudonym of Dr. Alan Francis). A profound message in its simplest form. Buy it as a motivator to inspire yourself and/or a friend. Generating laughter since 1988!

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