As a Woman Thinketh

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A 21st-century update on a timeless classic, Cindy Cashman’s As a Woman Thinketh is a revision of the book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.

Cashman presents Allen’s principles of power behind thought in contemporary English, and goes further to add notes on the power and importance of feelings for altering a woman’s circumstances.  By harnessing the power of controlling and directing her feelings, any woman can radically alter the circumstances she’s in as well as her role in the life she creates.

Learn about:

  • How to take control of your future
  • How feelings help you create
  • How to change your life by changing your thoughts

A must read for every woman who desires to take control of her life.

A Powerful Little Book

I loved this little book. I am a thinker, and this book put into words things that I’d been thinking my whole adult life, but could never seem to verbalize. In fact, when I first started reading “As a Woman Thinketh”, I could not stop thinking (no pun intended) about how the clear the author’s thought processes were (and had to be) in order to guide her readers to the ingenious conclusions she makes about actions and reactions to everyday life and the short and long-term consequences they bear on a woman’s happiness or lack thereof.

If you could bottle the author’s thought processes and drink them each day to remind yourself that your day will go in whatever direction your thoughts and actions lead it, you could have a wonderful life. The greatest thing about the book is that anyone can easily jot down helpful hints that can guide you toward a more peaceful life full of clarity that, in turn, fosters self-discovery and service to others rather than doubt, fear, anxiety and self-absorption.

Emily J

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