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Thinking & Seeing Outside the Book

Imagine the type of creativity it takes to sell over a million copies of a blank book. That creativity is embodied by Cindy Cashman, author, business consultant and intuitive coach.

Everything Men Know About Women

Cover for Everything Men Know About Women by Dr. Alan Francis and Cindy CashmanWith only $3,000 and determination, Cindy Cashman and a partner started a publishing company and published the world wide best seller EVERYTHING MEN KNOW ABOUT WOMEN (written under the pseudonym of Dr. Alan Francis). Cindy knew that marketing the book would require the type of original creative thinking not usually taught in MBA schools. She recognized that selling through traditional booksellers would be a hard sale, as it would get lost among the thousands of titles. Therefore, she developed a marketing plan to sell outside the book industry and stores bought them by the thousands.

blank book barbara corcoranEverything Men Know About Women is my go to present for every birthday and anniversary, it’s terrific.

I like to be there in person to watch my friend’s reactions when they realize the pages are blank.

What a hoot and oh so affordable!

-Barbara Corcoran

Publishing Success

On the strength of this initial success, they published ten original books and sold over a million copies to become one of the most successful self-publishers in the country. Cindy says, “One question changed my life.