Inspirations from Oprah and Her Guests

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Over the years, The Oprah Show provided many life lessons and inspirational moments through the interactions of Oprah and her guests. Guests shared their most precious life experiences and the lessons learned on their journeys. Viewers around the world watched these amazing and life changing moments and many received the blessing of an inspiration for their own lives.

Cindy Cashman was one of these viewers. Not only did Cindy watch these motivational moments, but she kept notes on these guests and how she found inspiration in their stories and life lessons learned. She used this information as a valuable tool in her life and now she is sharing that gift with others. Cindy has complied her personal notes and Oprah education in a new book Inspirations from Oprah and Her Guests.

Enjoy and benefit from her notes of yesterday, now turned into reminders for today and everyday forward.