About Cindy Cashman

Cindy Cashman’s strong inner drive began very early for her and even as a child, her goals and achievements were astounding. At the age of 7, Cindy and her twin sister were entertaining the locals during halftime shows by walking across football fields on their hands! Always an outstanding athlete, she was involved in every sport available in high school, including tennis, golf, track and field, gymnastics and diving.

Her focus on athletics was so myopic that other areas of her life suffered tremendously-especially academics. At the age of 21, she tested only at the third grade reading level. An accident that kept her housebound in a neck support for 6 months was her much needed wake up call. She realized how out of balance her life had become, and set out to correct it, using the same skills that had taken her so far in the athletic field. Cindy focused on improving her reading and writing ability, as well as increasing her already outstanding marketing skills.

Cindy not only improved her reading and writing skills, she self-published and marketed 10 of her own books written under different pseudonyms selling over a million copies to become one of the most successful self-publishers in the country. Imagine the type of creativity it takes to sell over a million books. That creativity is embodied by Cindy Cashman, author, business consultant and intuitive coach.

Cindy, a long time admirer of Zig Ziglar, was interviewed recently for a Zig Ziglar documentary.

Cindy and her husband Mitch frequently travel and explore the country in their motorhome.