How Donald Trump's The Apprentice Helped My Business and Can Help Yours!



It was 12 noon on Sunday. I was watching

The Apprentice

that I had recorded a few nights ago. In the boardroom

Donald Trump

had told Katrina "with your experience you should have been in charge of both the renovation and the negotiations."


Who better to learn from than one of the best? I needed to hear that advice. Along with a lot of other advice that I gather from watching one of the hottest shows on TV this year.



The good news



Just released as an e-book - so you can have it instantly - is

You're Hired: Unofficial Lessons from The Apprentice.

Now you can learn from the reality show to make yourself more attractive to potential employers or to help you in your own business.


You will learn how to:


•  Know what to do and what not to do

•  Not take things personally

•  Ask the right questions

•  Not make a bad impression

•  Give up excuses

•  Keep emotions out of business


And ask yourself questions like:


•  Do you believe in what you're doing?

•  Are you focusing on what you're good at?

•  Do you have a strong game plan?

•  Do you know what your customers want?

•  Who are your customers, where do they go and what do they do?




Very few people can make it to the top
without some help!



Are you doing what you love to do?

Are you having fun?

Are you getting paid what you're worth?


A gift for yourself or others - regardless of where you're at -

You're Hired: Unofficial Lessons from The Apprentice

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