Recipes for Everyday Abundance

Cindy Cashman's Recipes for Everyday Abundance cover
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Cindy Cashman’s latest book is presented in a “cookbook” format for feeding your soul.

Recipes for peace, love, relationships, communications and confidence are interspersed with light-hearted one-liners, providing a unique and simple way to be reminded of the values in life that keep us happy.


Recipes For Everyday Abundance is very thought provoking and a creative way of reminding us to be thankful.  As I was reading this book I was in the midst of a very difficult time in my life.  This book reminded me to focus on the positive side of life and let the rest go.

For example:

Why wait for a meal to say grace? Why not give thanks whenever the spirit moves you?

Allowing others their journey, you simplify your life.

Two hearts talking makes any meal a feast.

Sue Allis

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